A multi-story, multi-location projection project that grows in scale, run-time and complexity, this project invites people to explore the communities and histories of different areas of the city. The content for each story will be mined from the location where it is to be projected. The stories will be simple, open & experimental. Filmed from a unique aerial perspective moving from the city scale to the human scale using a heavy-lift remote drone that Stansell's team built from the ground up. The project will culminate in a fourth location that wraps the built environment in narrative. All four stories will weave together, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This project, introspective & anthropological in nature, will provide an inverted view of Atlanta's sprawl, moving from broad to narrow, focusing in on the human elements of the city. The aleatory form of storytelling will guide Stansell's team towards collaborations with participating poets & musicians depending on the content captured.


Micah & Whitney Stansell

Frequent collaborators, Micah and Whitney Stansell's body of work ranges from fibers, sculpture, painting and drawing, to single and multi-channel film and video works, and installations. The work often explores ideas of family history, narrative traditions, and binary relationships that pull from contemporary issues that are influenced and informed by environment and location. The Stansells' work has been reviewed in numerous publications including Art in America, Moviemaker Magazine, FiberARTS Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Exhibiting in galleries, museums, contemporary art centers, and film festivals; the Stansell's work has been experienced in cities around the world including Beijing, Vienna, New York, and Atlanta. Their work can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art for Georgia, Cornell University, and SCAD-Atlanta and Hong Kong.