The Dream Collection Agency (DCA) is a corporate entity designed to collect, document, and recycle dreams. The Agency solicits public dream donations via an online Dream Depository and an in-store collection laboratory. Dream donations are cataloged and recreated in three dimensional digital environments using cutting edge 21st century Oculus Rift VR technology. Visitors to the storefront collection laboratory are invited to experience these documented dreams in a safe and secure virtual reality environment under the watchful eye of professionally trained Dream Technicians. "As virtual reality and other technologies become more widespread in the near future, we would like to begin discussing the implications of existing in both a physical & digital reality and at which point will we allow our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to become nothing more than a computer simulation. We would like to find out if this digital experience & corporatization cheapens or enhances our naturally occurring mental visions." – DCA


Kris Pilcher

Kris Pilcher is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in street art and theatrical design. Kris's work has been exhibited in streets, alleyways, and galleries throughout Atlanta and beyond. Kris is a Hambidge Fellow and recent resident with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance as part of the Artists for Wilderness series. Currently he is working with Out of Hand Theatre company to create "Resurgens", a community focused performance and installation in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.

Kevin Byrd

Kevin is an artist by way of design. Born in Charleston SC, he received his Bachelors of Architecture from Southern Polytechnic University. Kevin's work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, MINT, Swan Coach Gallery, Hambidge's Annual Auction, and Elevate in Downtown Atlanta, organized by The Goat Farm. He is a Dashboard Co-Op artist and Hambidge Fellow. Most recently, Kevin created Lightworks, an intervention with "Mi Casa, Su Casa" at the HIGH Museum in Atlanta.

Dale Adams

Dale Adams is a polymathic autodidact specializing in sonic and visual architecture for the past 30 years. He has been manipulating and sculpting sound while augmenting visual and spacial perceptions by creating interactive storytelling experiences utilizing the latest in hardware technology and frameworks, he provides style and knowledge in a skill set wider than Phi.