Hyper-connected co-working space that broadcasts localized knowledge and receives worldwide commands to accelerate the creative process. Operating as open source software, all elements of the space are modifiable by users, regardless of location. Though the initial iteration is intended as a pop-up, the goal is to make “9to5” a permanent installation by threading itself into an Atlanta community space. Also, free coffee always.

Field Experiment 2016 - "9to5" from Goat Farm Arts Center on Vimeo.


Pablo Gnecco

Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Colombia, raised in Atlanta, currently practicing in New York City. His work explores the intersection of participation, performance, and new technology to create immersive experiences and interactive works of art. His works are activated by light, motion, touch, audio and gestures to create an engaging reaction. He intends to create more works that not only respond to an action but can live on after as a functioning idea, object, or space.

Gnecco founded Studio Studio, an interactive (art) agency, a member of the New Museum's Art and Technology Incubator, to create and collaborate with like minded artists, designers, and engineers to create site-specific installations and immersive experiences. Gnecco has exhibited work in auctions, galleries, fashion shows,music shows, and public art festivals. From Atlanta (DAEL, Living Walls, Scoutmob, FLUX, The High Museum, Burnaway) New York City (Fashion Week, Red Bull, The Super Bowl) San Francisco (Dolby HQ), Boston, Bogota and the internet. His work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Papermag, The Creators Project, Design Milk, and more.

Christopher Derek Bruno

After his education in industrial design, Christopher Derek Bruno moved about the United States cultivating his approach to the design/fabrication of furniture, and sculpture based imagery. Currently residing in his hometown of Atlanta, his recent work intends to explore the cognitive visual experience using (but not limited to) a set of 0-dimensional points bound by 1-dimensional lines, combined to make 2-d planes, organized into 3-d forms, applied to objects with the express purpose of creating a 4-dimensional relationship with the observer.

Brunos work has been exhibited in : New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Houston, and Miami; Internationally in London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, as well as a series of site specific installations in the Azores Islands.

Travis Broyles

Travis Broyles has been a copywriter and digital strategist for seven years. During this time, he has helped define the voice of giant brands (Kleenex, McCormick) as well as more likable ones (Fox Theatre, Living Walls). Broyles believes that the best communication, whether it's for collaborators, communities, or consumers, starts with common sense ethics and a southern fried desire to truly help one another. Most recently he started Very Sandwich Inc., which offers marketing solutions for a wide array of intriguing and complex issues such as: "Why don't people care about my super cool thing?"