A robotics project where semi-autonomous, wall-dancing ‘slugs’ are pre-programmed to paint drab surfaces across the city. In Atlanta there’s a disturbing lack of color, a sea of grays — concrete, drywall, and asphalt. “Color Slug” focuses on painting large urban structures and adding color to the city. More color would lead to a more vibrant ATL, not only visually but socially. A more animated city would create a greater sense of community: all of Atlanta united by a fleet of color-printing robot slugs. <<

Field Experiment 2016 - "Color Slug" from Goat Farm Arts Center on Vimeo.


Beau Martin

Beau Martin is an aerospace engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology focused on the intersection of art and engineering. He served as the fabrication lead, machining lead, and strategic director of an internationally-ranked robotics team. Artistically, his photography has appeared in the Museum of Design Atlanta, the Dogwood Arts Festival, and the High Museum of Art. Beau has worked under several influential innovators, including renowned inventor Lonnie Johnson, and stereoscopic photographer (and Goat Farmer) Peter Bahouth. He works part-time at the SuperGroup, an internationally acclaimed marketing agency, producing virtual reality experiences.

Sam Crane

Sam Crane is a computer science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He served as the lead programmer and project manager of an internationally-ranked robotics team, working with feedback control and smooth motion control. He has worked under Dr. Betty Whitaker in the Georgia Tech Research Institutes’s Information and Communications Laboratory doing advanced data analysis, localization, and artificial intelligence projects. In addition to being an exceptional programmer himself, he has taught countless classes to students from elementary to high school. Sam is an Eagle Scout, a National Merit Scholar, and the 2014 recipient of the Suwannee Future Author Book Award.